The way we do it

Before we start, lets make things clear.

How do we travel?

There are a lot of different people with different wishes that do not synchronize. We hope that you will be able to find yourself in our travels.

We have seen a lot: from people traveling as first class tourists, to people sleeping on the kitchen floor with bugs and also people who travel with cardboard boxes and wooden crates instead of bags or backpacks (unbelievable Asia).

Our ways of travel #1

So, we usually travel with luggage (bags). Backpacks were not our first choice. Means of transportation are not an issue: plane, local bus, boat, train, car, camper and shuttle (and also tuktuk). One thing is important for us: room with private bathroom (ladies…). Ok, exceptions are possible. As majority of people, we have limited funds, which we try to use wisely. Sometimes we go a little of and afford a little more, but we plan our trips within our funds limit.


Formalities are cleared, now it finally begins!

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