Indonesia, watch out, we are coming!

Okay, first post of the first day of our latest trip. Nice confusion, I know. 🙂

We have been to SE Asia quite a few times and we decided to visit it again. Besides nice temperatures it is also safe and very friendly part of the world (at least for us).

This time we chose Indonesia. Due to limited vacation time in our jobs we took 18 days for this trip (very insufficient, I agree, but either this, or nothing). First thing: plane tickets. Today world is full of different airline companies flying all over the world. This could mean only one thing (if I paraphrase this in economic formula): supply > demand= lower prices or in this case good and affordable actions. As I am writing this, I saw on Facebook that British Airway is offering tickets from Venice, Italy to Orlando, USA for under 300€ (Nice, I’d take it right away). We also got very lucky, so we were flying Venice – Doha – Jakarta for 500€/person with Qatar airways, which is very cheap for a flight from Europe to Jakarta. Tickets were bought 6 months in advance online, of course.

Once we got tickets, we stared planning what to see. If we wanted to see as much as possible, we had to do a lot of studying (I admit, Maruša is the planner, I am more a tag-along). Lonely planet was a good help, but a bit inaccurate and deficient (we had 2012 edition). We got general information out of it, but sweet details were found online, on other blogs or on spot.


We afforded ourselves a little more artistic freedom at booking and made reservations of just two hotels through We decided to try our luck and make all arrangements on spot. It was a low season in Indonesia (rainy season ends in March) so we didn’t bother in making arrangements in advance (spoiler alert: we were a bit wrong).

Next big thing was how to pack. By this time we always traveled with suitcases, but I had no intention of dragging mine on sandy beaches. So this was off. Our only chance was backpack. But how do you pack a backpack with same comfort as suitcase? Well… You don’t!

Does any of you backpackers have some established practice?

At the end it turned better that we thought. We managed to pack all that we needed (even more) and also our backpack survived all flights without damage. Through our travels, we have adopted one useful practice: when we plan a trip, we check our wardrobe. We always try to find some worn out shoes we don’t like anymore that we leave behind. This way you have enough clothes and get some space for gifts on your way back.

ImageWith everything packed, we were more than ready to go.

Visa information

You can get a visa on arrival at the airport. The cost of this type of visa is 25 USD (you can pay in EUR as well). You have to have the airplane return ticket in order to get a visa. This allows you to stay in Indonesia for 30 days. If you wish to stay longer, you have to extend your visa for the next 30 days (altogether the maximum stay is 60 days) or get the 60 days visa in advance through embassy or consulate.

Have you been to Indonesia? Follow our posts and share your trip with us. We might return and would love to see something new.

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