Memories are just waiting to happen

Finally, departure date.

After reviewing possibilities, we decided to extend our trip directly to Bali. We didn’t find anything interesting for us in Jakarta, so we decided to skip it.

Our trip went as usual and after 28 hours (with stops in Doha and Jakarta) we were on Bali.

Money exchange
If you are traveling to Indonesia, than be sure to read this. As in all other similar countries, US Dollars are the best traveling currencies (you can also pay with them in some places). Be sure to have new and nice banknotes, if possible 100$ bills (somewhere they have different exchange rate for smaller bills). Exchange rate changes daily.

Be sure to count the money you get. We got 11.000.000IDR in 100.000IDR bills which are a lot of banknotes (it felt like in bank robbing movies). It is possible that they give you one bill less (intentionally or not). The can even swap bills (they give you one for 10.000IDR instead of 100.000IDR bill). But if you are cautious, there should be no problem.


We heard a lot of great things about Bali, but our first impression wasn’t like that: we felt like a pray between predators. Taxi and shuttle drivers or just ordinary people desperately wanted to give us a lift. Since our hotel was literally around the corner, we wanted to walk there, but didn’t get far. Because it was late (midnight), we gave up and took a taxi and after 2 minutes, we were at our hotel (more about taxis later).

We made a reservation of this hotel in advance. They were waiting for us, gave us our room. After a quick shower, we were out for the day.


Airport Kuta Hotel and Residences
We choose this hotel, because it was cheap (200.000IDR/night) and very close to the airport. It is a nice, small hotel. It is very difficult to find it (even our taxi driver didn’t know where it is). Rooms are small and clean. Bathroom is nice and also clean. Breakfast was nothing special, but it was enough for us to fill our stomachs. We would recommend this for overnight stay for flyers, but I would not choose it for vacation (not a nice location). Also we ordered an airport pickup (was offered for free), but it never showed up.

Pinch us, we are still dreaming

Our first thought in the morning. We got up early, went to the breakfast hall (got there even before breakfast) and as soon as possible, we were off. Our next destination was Nusa Lembongan. We wanted to take a taxi on the street, but before we even got to the main road, one was already stopping. We got in and we were on our way to Sanur (starting point to Nusa Lembongan). There we bought tickets for public boat. We prefer to get the locals vibe, so we thought that public boat is the best way to see how the locals live. Well, on our public boat there were French, Spaniards, Slovenians, but no locals. Mission failed (for now). Trip took us around 1,5h and we were on Nusa Lembongan.

Best thing in Sanur: the first cold Bintang in ice cold glass with our feet in the sand 🙂 Priceless!!

ImageNusa Lebongan: Feels like home

Small discrepancy: Maruša voted Nusa Lebongan as #1, I am a bit on hold.

Nusa Lebongan is one of the three small islands SE of Bali. It really is very nice, quiet and relaxed place, with very friendly people, where nobody is offering you a ride or forcing you to buy something.




ImageNow the true purpose of our visit: Nusa has good manta ray spots and since our duo includes some manta “freaks”, SHE made sure, that we were there. At local diving agency we met a very nice and friendly girl, Moyo. She made us a reservation of snorkeling trip, recommended us an accommodation and got us a scooter for one day. Thanks again, Moyo. 🙂

Accommodation is not hard to find. Since the island is not very crowded, there are not a lot of tourists. We found recommended accommodation and we took it. We got the last bungalow available and managed to bargain for our price. All right!!


Mega cottage
This was one of our best accommodation on whole trip for only 250.000IDR/night. The bungalows are located in the Jungutbatu village, at it’s northern side. It offers a bungalow for two, with AC (or without) and private bathroom. It is situated almost on the beach with friendly staff and very clean rooms. Breakfast is not included in price, but they provide breakfast at on-site kitchen for very affordable prices. They also have a free Wi-Fi. We definitely recommend it.



This was the spot, where pleasure and fun really begun.


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