Ubud – Where to stay

It was time to leave Gilis and head on. But we weren’t that sad, since our next destination was Ubud, Bali. Because what was waiting us, was a pretty awesome accommodation (so awesome, it deserves its own post). Oh, and of course, because we went to see Ubud.

We bought fast boat tickets from Gilis to Ubud before getting to Gilis, so we didn’t think about the transportation from that on. We were so carless, that we didn’t make a mandatory reservation of the departing time and we had to take a new boat and pay some more. So, when you buy tickets, it’s wise to read them more carefully.

Another advice: don’t take given time for transport duration for granted. Our travel operator told us, that this whole trip from Gilis to Ubud would take around 2 hours (one hour by boat and one hour by car). Well, I guess that for every hour, you should add another one. It took us altogether almost 4 hours. Luckily our driver was nice and he took us directly to hotel. The traffic in Ubud center was so horrible, that it took us another hour to get to the hotel… Finally we arrived.

Is there heaven in Ubud?


The answer is: Yes, there is!

Ubud Heaven Villas are located a little out of town, some 20 minutes’ on foot. It is a bit tricky to find them if you are coming by car. Our driver didn’t know where they are, but he made a phone call directly to hotel and they were waiting for us on the main street. They are located on hill (in the ares of Panestanan). You can reach them from Panestanan (by motorbike) or through steps from the main road (Jalan Raya Ubud). You cannot access villas by car.

Ubud Heaven is a series of bungalows with private kitchen, swimming pool, gazebo and even your own rice field. We were stationed in one bedroom bungalow. It is made of wood and has windows all around. Inside there is a bed and bathroom (semi-open bathroom, like in many other places in Indonesia) with shower and a tub.


Kitchen is fully equipped. There is a big refrigerator, water cooler, even a stove and all the dishes you need to cook a lunch. We didn’t use it (why would we), we had breakfast included in price and we ate lunch and dinner outside. For breakfast, you have to decide each time for the following morning. They have a good selection of different food (even Nasi and Mei Goreng, which were our favorites). You can order a delivery to your bungalow (which we did) as we enjoyed eating a breakfast in front of your pool. This service is charged extra, but it is not expensive (10.000 IDR per day per person).

Swimming pool is a highlight of this place. It is quite big, so you have enough space to swim in. It is an unforgettable experience to swim at night with a full moon as your background and with a glass of wine beside you. A swim first thing in the morning is not bad as well.


Few words about rice fields: we really had our own private filed (two of them actually) around our bungalow. It is lovely when the dark falls and you can listen to animals like frogs and see bats flying above you. You can even see a firefly or two buzzing around the rice. Magic!



All this might sound like a really expensive holidays, but it isn’t. We paid 70 EUR per night, which is quite a lot for South East Asia, but not expensive at all for western standards. We saw the most affordable accommodation right in Ubud. It’s possible to sleep for less than 10 USD per night in quite clean and nice guesthouses. We decided to splurge a little, since we usually don’t afford that kind of luxury, and it was more than worth it!

What kind of traveler are you? Do you watch every penny whilst on vacation or do you afford yourself some luxury?

5 thoughts on “Ubud – Where to stay

  1. It’s always nice to splurge a little when you’re traveling. I’m a frugal traveler, but I am a firm believer that your hotel can make or break your vacation. So I’m all for spending a little more on a hotel room. It’s amazing to think that 70 EUR can get you a place like this! It looks like absolute paradise!! This is one of the things I love about Southeast Asia. The value you get for accommodation is unbeatable!! This room would cost many hundreds of dollars in the US!


    • We agree. Even if we’re just sleeping in our room (since we’re more or less outside when we’re in a different city or country, exploring it), it’s important for us that it’s clean. This bungalow would be too expensive for us also in Europe and we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Even if in countries in SE Asia we manage to spend less for travel, it’s worth to sometimes rent a room, you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.


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