As we walk in fields of green

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Bali? Maybe it’s the beaches, maybe the unique culture, but for us it’ the rice fields.

Ubud is literally surrounded by rice fields. If you drive for 5 minutes from the city center, they are everywhere. You can find some also in the city center (around restaurants and home stays). We even had one beside the pool of the villa, that we rented. Because on Bali the season for growing rice is year round, you have a unique possibility to see the rice in many different stages. Some places rice is barely growing and the plants are really small, while on the field beside, rice is a bit bigger and the field is flooded. If you look further, you can see fields of green, where plants are quite big, and on the other side there are fields of gold, where rice is already harvested.



We read about Campuhan ridge walk in Lonely planet and decided to do the walk early in the morning. We started around 8.30 am. The walk starts at the entrance of Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas, where the path turns left. The road leads you past a school and across a small bridge, where you pass a small Hindu temple. Then you find yourself in the middle of the fields. In the time, when we visited, the fields around Campuhan ridge walk were as green as they can be.

We were fascinated. Wouldn’t you be?





Despite the early hour the sun was already shining in its full strength. The walk is approximately 3km long and since the rice doesn’t grow on trees, there aren’t any shadows. You walk in the open sun. It was so hot, we decided to finish the walk earlier than planned. We turned around after a kilometer or so (Maruša a little disappointed that Gašper couldn’t withstand the heat), but happy that we saw at least a little of this magical walk. Image


Later during our stay in Ubud we saw many other rice fields, including rice terraces. Even though fields around Campuhan ridge walk weren’t our favorite ones, we still found them beautiful and recommend doing the walk.

6 thoughts on “As we walk in fields of green

  1. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t give Ubud a fair chance. I was so turned off by the touristy city center that I left after one day! Oops, it appears that I really missed out on seeing a beautiful place!


    • We loved Ubud. I agree that it’s touristy, but it still tries to maintain it’s own vibe (more or less successfully). We rented a motorbike and drove around surrounding villages. There masses of tourists quickly drift away.


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