Going south…

At this point we had just three days left before leaving home. Until the end, our tour differed from our initial plan. Our idea was to take a tour to Bromo or Ijen volcano, get on top for a sunrise and then go to Yogyakarta, where we would visit Borobudur temple before leaving to Jakarta and fly home. When we tried to buy a plane tickets, the majority was sold out. We only had two options: to change our plan or to buy a combination of plane tickets that would cost almost as much as the ones that got us to Indonesia. We choose the first option and we improvised.

We decided to leave Ubud and take some time down south, by the sea. We choose Bukit Peninsula for 2 days and then another full day in Jakarta, which we didn’t initially plan. We arranged transportation in the same agency/store that rented us a scooter. It was actually the owner’s son that drove us. He was a great guy, very talkative. He showed us his home village, his wife, explained us a lot about their culture and their view of the world. The two hour ride was over quicker than we expected.


We based ourselves in Jimbaran, a small town, stretched along the beach, just south of the Bali airport. It has a long and very wide sandy beach, a lot of sea food restaurants and quite a few hotels and resorts. There is not a lot to see or do, except to relax in your resort, take a swim in the sea (although we didn’t see many swimmers) or take a long walk by the beach. DSC_0275-2-2

jimbaranjimbaran320140418_155540-8 (2)-2

Jimbaran is well known for its warungs (small local restaurants), which are known for their seafood. Each evening people from all over the south Bali come to Jimbaran to experience this gastronomic attraction. There are three groups of warungs. All are situated on the beach, meaning that you eat your dinner with your feet in your sand, watching the sunset. In all warungs you can choose your food (you can also try negotiating the price). Your assortment has no limits: there are fish, king prawns, lobsters, mussels, squid and much, much more…



The most visited by tourists are the north warungs (the ones closest to the airport), which are also the most expensive ones. In dinner time they are packed with tourists. Middle and the south warungs are simpler and not so flashy. We love seafood, so we had our dinner in warungs twice, once in one of the north warungs, and second time in one of the middle warungs and enjoyed the latter much more.

Jimbaran has also a big fish market at the north side of the beach. We always walk around local markets, when we get the chance.

fish marketfish market2

Uluwatu beach

We decided to rent a scooter for a day and drive around to the south of Bukit peninsula. First we wanted to visit the well known Uluwatu temple, but when we came there, we changed our minds and decided to rather hit the beach. So we continued our journey towards the Uluwatu beach, a little further on.

This place is one of the top surfing spots on Bali, with the best possible view for the spectators. The view from the bar, overlooking the surf brakes is unforgettable. It’s situated on top of the rocks with a direct view to the breaks, where you can enjoy looking the professionals surfing skills.


Although it’s not possible to swim at the Uluwatu beach, because of the high waves, it’s definitely worth a visit.

There are many different beaches at the west side of Bukit Peninsula, but they were all too crowded for our taste.



Villa Bali Jegeg

It’s situated right in the heart of Jimbaran, a few meters from the Jimbaran beach. We made reservation toward Booking.com. We paied 30 EUR for a bungalow with a breakfast, which seemed quite a lot. The bungalows were very beautiful and clean. Bungalows also have two pools, one small one and the other relatively big. The stuff was very helpful and they even upgrade our bungalow for free.

During our short stay in Jimbaran, we visited just the west side of Bukit Peninsula. It has some nice spots (we especially liked the Uluwatu beach), but in general it didn’t impress us as much as the rest of Indonesia. If we would plan our trip to the last second, we would probably leave the south of Bali out altogether, because of too developed tourism.

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