Croatia’s best kept secret: Vrulje

We love to travel, to explore new places, new cities, experience different cultures… But sometimes it feels good to stop for a while, to go somewhere, where you can shut your brains off. Vrulje is one of those places…



Why haven’t I heard of Vrulje before?

Read the headline of the post again: because it’s a secret 🙂

No, seriously, Vrulje is a very small village (it has only 50 houses) located in the heart of Kornati National park, on Kornat island. The island hasn’t got any paved roads. It has no cars. Yet it’s still the biggest town in Kornati National park. It has only three restaurants and a small little market. It’s a place where days stop and where time is market by calls of seagulls and by sounds of passing boats.


How can I get to Vrulje?

  1. The easiest way to get there is on a day trip with a tourist boat from Zadar or Murter island, which also takes you around other islands in National park. Boats are numerous and in the season (June – September) they leave daily. You should check in advance if boat trip of your choice stops in Vrulje, since itineraries of the different tour companies vary.
  1. Another option is renting your own boat for several days and cruise to Vrulje. You can do that, if you have a license to operate a boat or if you hire a boat with a skipper. Hiring a boat + a skipper is a popular choice in Croatia. You can choose from speed boats to sailing boats of different kinds and sizes. It’s an expensive choice though.
  1. If you’d like to really fall into the relaxed vibe, you’ll love the third option: You can book your own accommodation in the village. You can rent a small house. The owner picks you up on Murter island (which is easily accessible by car) and takes you to Vrulje with a boat. Although there is a little market in the village, it’s advisable to bring some groceries with you (since there isn’t a lot of choice on the island). Or you can eat in a restaurant. Despite of the restaurant, it’s Robinson style tourism. Try checking this option (although the site is in Croatian language, there is a contact address, phone and e-mail):

DSC_0634 (2)-2

So what will I be doing in Vrulje?

It’s the best place to relax and unwind. Water is crystal clear, so bring your swimsuit as well. You can also kayak on the sea.

DSC_0398 (2)-2DSC_0641-3-2

But the best thing in our opinion is a hike on the hill that overlooks the village. It’s an easy 10 minutes hike. You can do it in your flip–flops. The views from the hill are spectacular. Not just the village, the view on surrounding islands and islets is postcard perfect. To our knowledge, it’s the best in whole National park!

DSC_0414-2DSC_0426-2-2DSC_0524-2-2Vrulje2-2DSC_0404 (2)-4-2

The sun sets behind the small islands, so take the time and enjoy it.


So if you need a place to shut down, this is something for you: no internet, bad GSM signal, no traffic or billboards or shopping centers. Just nature, tranquility and stars. A whole lot of them.

13 thoughts on “Croatia’s best kept secret: Vrulje

  1. Wow, I want to go there so badly. That view of those tiny islands is amazing! And that water is so incredibly blue!! This seems like the perfect place to go to just get away from it all and appreciate nature.


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