3 things that will inspire you to visit Manly

Going through memories of our time over in Australia in Manly, I could find much, much more than just three of them, but for these I am sure that will convince you.

Although our timing was really tight, we made a tour to Sydney suburb. We visited Manly, suburb of Sydney, only 7 miles from Sydney’s city center. It is definitely worth visiting and you can easily spend a whole day there.

  1. The view of the harbour from Sydney ferries


Sydney ferries are the coolest transportation in Sydney. Although you can get to Manly also by land, it is definitely worth taking a boat ride (it’s also the quickest way). It offers a spectacular view on Sydney skyline and you can see the Opera house from the other side. The view really is breathtaking. Boats are very clean and well maintained which enables a smooth ride. Ferry brings you directly to the Manly Wharf. The whole trip takes around 30 minutes.

DSC_0515-5-2-2Ferry-2DSC_0745-2-2DSC_0747-3-2-2If you don’t have time or will to visit Manly, you should consider at least taking the boat ride from Darling harbor to Circular quay. It’s a short ride, but it still offers you a great view to all Sydney’s icons, especially the majestic Opera house and the Harbour Bridge.


  1. Manly’s beaches

One of the great things of Manly, are its beaches. Long, sandy beaches offer a great place for relaxation, swimming and some sunbathing. Manly beach is the main beach and it’s not hard to find. It’s just on the other side from where the ferry stops. A short stroll away and you are already swimming in the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most renowned surfing locations for surfing. There are also some other beaches and rock pools. When we were there, it was sadly raining, so we didn’t get a chance for swimming. But on the other hand, we were lucky that a pod of dolphins was visiting Manly beach. They came really close, so we got a good look at them.


Manly4-2On your way to the Manly beach you will cross the Corso. This is one of the Manly main streets. It is almost completely closed for traffic and it is full of bars, shops, restaurants, etc.

  1. Sydney Harbour National park

Part of Sydney Harbour National park, called the North Head, is also in Manly. This spot has an interesting history. It was first a quarantine spot for all the newcomers. In WW2 it was one of the main defense spots with costal artillery. After the War it was transformed to School of Artillery. Now it’s open for public and it has an artillery museum.

A beautiful, unspoiled nature offers a great walking experience. You can take a walk around, but make sure, that you have a map with you. We got a bit lost and luckily we met some nice lady that helped us out. The walk that we chose takes you around the grassland, through the burnt forest and out to a beautiful beach (we forgot the name) with a gorgeous waterfall, then between the houses back to the place, where the ferry stops.

Manly5-2Manly2-2DSC_0705-2-2DSC_0730-4-2Manly3-2DSC_0737-2-2Frangipani-2From Manly you can see Sydney skyline in the distance and they say that there is also a great view of Sydney New year’s fireworks.

The phrase says it all:

“Only seven miles from Sydney and a million miles from care.”

Enough reasons to visit Manly?

8 thoughts on “3 things that will inspire you to visit Manly

  1. Your photography is stunning and you certainly do justice to Manly. Im an ex Sydneysider who , when living on the harbour, frequently took the Manly ferry. Such a journey soothes the soul….unless its rough weather then its exciting! Thanks for liking my post


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