It’s beach time!

Guess you were wondering, if we forgot the famous Bondi beach in our Sydney posts. 🙂 Well we didn’t. It’s so good that it deserves a whole post!

DSC_0888-3-2As you probably know Bondi beach is a Sydney suburb, located 7km East of CBD. It’s the most famous beaches in Sydney, if not in whole Australia. You surely saw some photos of New Year celebration in swimsuit. Bondi beach is about 1km long and it looks just perfect. Perfect sandy beach, with perfect blue sea. The beach is being cleaned all the time, so there isn’t any garbage. There are also lifeguards and it feels almost like you are in an episode of a Baywatch. When we were there, the beach was already full of people and still it was quite early in the morning. They were swimming (they have a shark net during the summer), supping, surfing (south end of the beach), playing sport on beach and jogging. The vibe there is really good.

DSC_0993-3-2-2DSC_0920-8-3-2DSC_0900-9-2At the back side of the beach, there is a paved walkway, stretching at the whole length of the beach. It’s supported by a concrete wall, that is full of graffiti. The best thing about this wall (they call it mural site) is that these graffiti are all legal. Waverly council arranged this place and prepared special guidelines for graffiti. Artist submits an application to the council, gets a free spot and paints (draws) a graffiti. Some of the graffiti are permanent, but others change. Due to such an organized arrangement, these are really artistic works, worth seeing.Grafiti-2

Bondi to Coogee coastal walk

That was the first of the many walks we did in our month in Australia and it was one of the best ones. It’s very easy and you don’t have to be in shape to do it. Through all the walk you are accompanied with amazing views on the ocean, interesting rock formations and cliffs. There are a lot of parks with barbeques. You can also stop for a lunch in restaurants or grab a coffee in streetside cafes. But it’s not just a walk. You can also stop for a swim or surf on the marvelous beaches and rock pools. So come, take a walk with us.

DSC_1052-7-2Bondi-2Pathway starts on Bondi beach and almost immediately you pass the famous Bondi Icebergs swimming club. It dates back to 1929 and it was formed from local lifesavers. They have a private building with a restaurant, a bar and a big public pool in front. This pool was named the best pool in NSW (New South Wales) and marked as one of the world’s best public swimming pools in the world by Lonely Planet. From the deck, there is a beautiful view on the ocean. On their web page, they have a dolphin and whale tracker. To this day they have spotted 100+ dolphins and 55 whales. As you continue a few hundred meters on, you can rock formations of all shapes and sizes, formed by the sea.

DSC_0999-2-2-2DSC_1056-5-2Bondi2-2From there the walk continues towards the Tamarama beach and in between it offers sweeping views back on Bondi beach. This part of the walk also hosts Sculptures by the sea, an annual exhibition in October and November. We didn’t see it, our timing was not right.

Tamarama beachDSC_1057-2-2From Tamarama beach the pathway takes you to Bronte beach – our favorite one. It’s highlight isn’t only the beach, but it also features a rock pool, which looks very inviting, so don’t forget to bring your swimsuit.

Bronte beachBronte beach2You can take your time, you have less than 2 kilometers to complete the walk. The last beach is a long Coogee beach. When we were there the beach was quite crowded.

If you don’t want to do the whole walk, you can also break it in parts that you would like to explore. Or if you’re into some serious walking, you can extend it to Maroubra beach, another 3 km further from Coogee.


 Spending a day at Bondi beach passed all too quickly, leaving a strong desire to return.

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15 thoughts on “It’s beach time!

  1. How beautiful! The beaches look amazing there. And I love the graffiti. I think it’s great when artists are allowed to work without being criminalized. It makes for some stunning pieces!


    • They really are, the whole place is amazing. 🙂
      Some of the graffiti are really amazing and there is a lot of them. It would be a shame, if the artists wouldn’t get a chance to present them. I just don’t know, how they manage to keep the unspoiled.


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