Sunshine Coast – the sunniest Australia

The Sunshine Coast is the area in South Queensland, just North of Brisbane. The name says it all: there are sunny days and warm weather through all of the year. It actually has an average 300 sunny days per year and more than 100km of beaches, so it really lives up to its name.


The main town in the region is Noosa, a beautiful relaxed coastal town, known for its surfing culture. It caught us with its vibe almost immediately. We parked our campervan in the main parking lot of Noosa Heads. The town has a beautiful beach, where you can surf or just relax at the beach. The nearby Noosa river (at Noosaville) offers great kayaking (unfortunately we left this experience for the next time).

DSC_0183-8-2Noosa-2There is another reason to visit Noosa. It’s one of the best places to see a koala in the wild on the East coast. We’ve read that they are quite common in Noosa National park. We really wished to see one, so that’s where we went. 🙂 But the lady that worked at the information told us that spotting one will be very hard, since they haven’t seen any for a whole week. A little disappointed, we still took a short walk around the National park with our heads turned up towards treetops.

Searching for koala-2Nothing… Very sad we came back to information office. We were so disappointed. Maruša looked one more time towards the tree right before the information desk. WAIT! There was something that looked like a grayish little ball caught between branches. What was it? It was a koala! A real koala! A wild koala! WOW! We were so lucky! Than it started to move and koala actually climbed on another branch as if she wanted to say: Now that you’ve found me, you can take a good look at me. We were thrilled 🙂

DSC_0192-2-2-2Do you see it on the right side of the picture?

DSC_0191-3-2-2spot-a-wild-koala-australia-2-2It’s hard to spot a wild koala in the wild. They are exact same color as the eucalyptus trees that they feed on. And not just that, they sleep up to 22 hours a day. That means it’s even harder to see one, because most of the time they aren’t moving. Well, we have to say, we were born under the lucky star.

Koala-2It’s in the middle of the red

Dicky beach

Dicky beach is a beautiful beach with a shipwreck with a same name. Except for the shipwreck there is nothing extraordinary. The beach is still nice for swimming and surfing. It’s patrolled, so you can swim carefree.

Sunshine coast-2DSC_0112-5-2DSC_0111-3-2If you are traveling through Australia, sunshine coast is definitely worth visiting. Noosa was one of the places, that we really liked for its vibe and relaxation.

23 thoughts on “Sunshine Coast – the sunniest Australia

  1. I’ve been to the sunshine coast twice, once to Çoolum and then Tewantin. Its a gorgeous part of AùstraliaIve lived here all my life and have only seen a ķoala in the wild twice! You were lucky or was that the power of your intention?


  2. I live on the Sunshine Coast and everything you’ve said about it is true. Noosa really is a beautiful place. Even though I live here, I’ve never been to Dicky. Kings, and Kawana but not Dicky. You sure did go to the two far reaches of the coast!


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