Are Santorini’s sunsets really that good?

If you read our post about Santorini, you’ve probably thought, how we could forget the most famous attraction on the island. We didn’t forget it. It’s so major thing there, that it deserves a whole post.

We’ve read that sunset seen from Oia is supposed to be the best sunset in whole Greece (if not in the world). They even say that when the sun touches the ocean, you can hear it extinguish. Of course we had to check that out and see for ourselves!

The main show in the village starts, when the sun starts to descent. That’s about 1h before the sunset. But in top season people start to arrive even sooner. If you want a good spot to watch the show, come early! Everybody start to roam towards the end of the village to see the sunset. You cannot choose any other direction, but towards the end, because people are literally pushing you there. When you get to the end, everyone fill every possible spot to get a good view and patiently wait.

DSC_0896-2-2-2-2You can see the people hanging from every possible balcony and wall.

20140907_193317-3-2Around the same time sailboats start their way out from the harbor for a sunset sail.

sunset2-2Everybody looks ecstatic, when the sun slowly descent to the ocean. There are some oohs and aahs heard. Flashes trigger, cameras start to click. When the sun touches the ocean, the excitement rises. Until the sun can be still seen on the horizon, nobody dares to look away. All eyes are fixed to it. When it’s gone, people loudly applaud and cheer.

We saw that this applauding habit is now slowly moving to other Cyclades, it happened on Naxos as well as on Mykonos.DSC_0277-2-3sunsets1-2DSC_0345-3-2DSC_1074-4-2

Want to know the secret spot, from which you can watch the sunset and not be crowded?

Yes, you can still find one – a spot just for yourself (well almost).

We went to see the sunset in the village on our first day of arrival. When we were sitting there on the wall feeling crowded and sharing the experience with hundreds of other people, we saw even better spot that nobody seemed to notice, so we decided to try it on the next day. We drove on the main road towards Ammoudi bay – the village bellow Oia. For this you need your own wheels (or some serious hiking down and than back up to Oia). Take the street that connects Oia and Ammoudi bay (not the stairs!). When you start to descent, there is a dirt road taking you left in the middle of a right turn. You get up the hill and the road brings you to the best possible spot. We were almost alone there (only two other couples) with a view on the sunset on one side and a view on Oia, lit by descending sun on the other.


Our opinion about the sunsets

Witnessing a sunset on Santorini is great, there’s no argue about it, but we don’t really get all the fuss around it. The sun descents directly into the ocean. You can get better photos if there are some clouds. But it’s similar to every other place, where the sun sinks into the sea. The surroundings (the village and Santorini’s caldera) are amazing, but the sunset isn’t as unique as one would imagine after reading so much about it. We enjoyed more the views on Oia, bathing in the sun.

Below are some photos of other sunsets in Greece (more favorite sunsets of ours can be found here). You can decide for yourself, if they are really less beautiful.

Santorini sunsets

Have you ever been to Santorini? What do you think about the famous sunsets?

20 thoughts on “Are Santorini’s sunsets really that good?

  1. I agree that the sunsets in Santorini have been overhyped. I do think its more about the surrounding beauty than the sunset itself. No, the best sunsets I have ever seen were in Bali. Every night was like an amazing orchestra of colours in the sky!


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  3. AMAZING!! I love each one of the photos! Thank you very much for revealing your secret spot… when I finally make it to this amazing island I will make sure to go there!
    The sunset there is indeed beautiful, I have seen something very similar in Kas, Turkey last year 😀
    I haven’t seen sunsets like these in Brazil.


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