The last but not the least: Mykonos

Our last stop on Cyclades Island hopping was Mykonos. With a reputation that it has, we definitely had to visit it. After two relaxed island and a marvelous and romantic Santorini, we decided to finish it big time.

Mykonos is, besides Santorini, probably one of the most known Cyclades. It even has its own nickname. People call it “The island of the winds,” by the other version it is known as “Ibiza of Greece.” We can confirm both of them. There was wind blowing almost every day main town and the island is full of nightclubs. In our time of visit it was also the island with most tourists. Every day, there were at least three cruisers anchored in the bay.

DSC_0405-4-2We were situated very near main town Mykonos or Chora in Greek (which actually means town in Greek). We didn’t want to be situated directly in town, but we still tried to get a location near it.

Mykonos by itself is the most expensive of all four islands. Prices of cocktails in night clubs can get up to 15€, which is 2-3 times higher than in our country. Food prices in restaurants are also similarly high which means that vacation on Mykonos can get a really expensive. Since our budget wasn’t that high, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money for expensive dinners. We managed to find a local gyros tavern near the bus station in Chora, which had a good, local’s vibe and affordable food.


Let’s party!

Mykonos is almost mainly party island. Chora has quite a few nightclubs that are known worldwide (like Scandinavian bar). We are not really into party scene, so we haven’t heard of them before. When you cruise the town at night, you will hear loud music from different bars or nightclubs. I imagine that they are all packed in the high season.

The main party scene is located on the south side of the island. The names of the party beaches are Paradise and Super Paradise. These are two bays with sandy beaches with clubs and beach bars like Tropicana, Cavo, Super Paradise. While we were there, party season was slowly closing, but there were still posters for different DJ’s everywhere. We didn’t visit any parties (again, not into party scene), but we went there to see this places. Judging by the facilities, parties in the top season must be really wild. They have everything: beach bar, massive sound system, private beach, lounge, restaurant and accommodation for tired ones. You can spend the whole day there and have a good time, if you like it.

DSC_0679-7-2DSCN1171-4-2Paradise and Super Paradise-2

Is there something else to do?

Actually there is. Chora is a beautiful town with narrow, white-blue streets. Due to massive tourist attack, we recommend to visit it early in the morning or in the off season. Although the shops are not yet open, you avoid hordes of tourists from cruisers. With narrow lanes, there is hard and not very enjoying to walk after the group of tourist from cruise ship. You can afford a relaxing breakfast and cup of coffee, or just take a tour around town. Landmarks like Mykonos windmills and Little Venice (Mikri Venetia) on waterfront shouldn’t be missed. The best sunset view is just in front of the windmills.

Town-2Mykonos5-2Mykonos4-2DSC_0475-2-2Little VeniceDSC_0459-6-2windmills-2DSC_0596-7-2The famous windmillssunset-2DSC_0523-2-2

The first thing that comes in mind when I think of wind is windsurfing. If you are a surfer, than you should visit Kalafati bay. In that bay, we found Pezi-Huber surf center. They have surf school and are renting equipment. Although I haven’t windsurf for almost a decade I couldn’t resist and just had to go for it. Luckily the wind wasn’t so strong, but it was still a great experience. If you prefer some other sports, they also rent SUP.

DSCN1279-8-2surf-2Mykonossup-3The island (besides the main town and the party beaches) itself is empty. We took a cruise around the island with a rented scooter. Although small, it proved to be enough for Mykonos. The only place that we had trouble was at Paradise and Super Paradise because the road are very steep and scooter is not strong enough. But what you could do is visit some of the 600 small cute churches on the island.


What about Petros?!

If you are on Mykonos, you mustn’t miss Petros. Who is Petros, you might wonder. Petros is a pelican and it’s an official mascot of the island for over 50 years. He was found by local fisherman, when he was injured. They nurtured him and he stayed in town. The first Petros of course died already, but Jackie Kennedy – Onassis donated another pelican to the island to continue the legacy. Now there are around 3 “Petroses” in the town.

We really wanted to see Petros, when we were there, but in 4 days we didn’t manage to find him. So we left Mykonos without seeing of Petros.


Angelica’s rooms

We got an accommodation approx. 2 kilometers out of center to the south of the main town. Our accommodation was called Angelica’s rooms. We had a room with a private bathroom, refrigerator and a small terrace in front of it. For us, it was just what we needed. Our host, Angelica was very friendly and nice. She waited for us in the port at arrival and took us to the airport when we left. She printed boarding passes for us. She also provided us with all the information that we needed. If you are looking for accommodation, you should definitely consider Angelica’s rooms.

Final verdict

We are not really a typical tourist that would like to crowd in massive and organized tours, which Mykonos is famous of. But since we were island hopping in Cyclades, we decided to stop there and see it. Our final verdict would be, that it is destination worth visiting. If you are a “party animal,” it’s a must, but if you are looking for more relaxed holidays, you can find it on some other part of Mykonos, away from the main town and party beaches.


23 thoughts on “The last but not the least: Mykonos

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  2. So glad I found this post, my husband and I are traveling to Mykonos in May for our 10th Anniversary and are looking at hotels on the quieter side (and not as pricey side haha). Your pictures are beautiful, I can’t wait to get there!


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