5 best Croatian island in pictures

There are more than 1000 islands in Croatia. You can imagine that it’s not easy to pick just 5 of them. We’ve been on many of the bigger islands and here is our choice of 5 that we liked most.

5. Šolta

It’s not an obvious choice. Although this island is very close to Split, which has an international airport (only 20 minutes by ferry), it still feels quite deserted. There aren’t many tourist. The major part of people are locals and people from Split, who has weekend houses on the island. Although there aren’t many things to do there, besides laying on the beach, it’s a great place to relax and renew.

Šolta-2IMG_6148-6-2IMG_6159-2-2Šolta2-2DSC_0866-5-2IMG_6286-4-2IMG_6315-3-24. Hvar

This time the choice is obvious. Hvar is an island that can be found on world scales as one of the top 10 most beautiful islands in the World. It’s beautiful, but it’s on our 4th place, beacuse it’s too touristy. It changed a lot in last 15 years. Before it was much more pristine, but now in the town of Hvar every year they open new restaurants, shops and bars to attract the incoming tourists. Maybe that’s not unusual for the ones visiting the island for the first time, but fot us that is not Croatia as we know it. Hvar-2DSC_0607-10-2DSC_0702-5-2

3. Mljet

That’s Croatia as we know it. Island is still quite unpopular, although we don’t see why. There is national park on it, 2 lakes and numerous beaches and small islands around it. Mljet14-6-2Mljet (2)-2Mljet-2

2. Brač

Although very popular with foreign tourist, because of the famous beach Zlatni rat and the vicinity of Split, we still loved it. I guess you’ve figured out, that we’re not that fond of crowded places. When we were the last time on the island, we stayed in small village with beautiful beach and not a lot of people. DSC_0524-11-2DSC_0731-2-2Brač-2DSC_0742-7-2DSC_0721-2-2DSC_0518-2

1. Kornati

Not only one island, but more than 100 of them – a lot very small and uninhabited. We love Kornati. For us it’s the most beautiful place in the country. We’ve already written about it here and here, but let the pictures tell you the story. Sail boats-2Kornati-2DSC_0404-2-2DSC_0468-4-2

22 thoughts on “5 best Croatian island in pictures

  1. Kornati was great, the water is so clear and warm ! We really enjoyed it ! We cycled in Mljet, it was pleasant. There are a lof of shade over there. As for Hvar, I enjoyed it, but it was too hot and climbing to the citadell was a bit too challenging for me and my poor fitness level 😀 These three islands are wonderful, I really enjoyed them as well ! Brac was ok as well but I didn’t like it as much as the other islands 🙂


    • Every island is different and unique. I guess for some one island is more pleasant than others. We visited all 5 islands many times and these are the ones we like returning too. They all have their pros and cons though.
      I hope the view from citadel on Hvar was worth the effort 🙂
      The first time we were on Brač, we stayed in Supetar and we didn’t like it as much. The next year we decided to stay in a small deserted village named Povlja and we saw the island in a whole different light 🙂
      Which Croatian islands did you prefer?


      • The view from Hvar was worth the effort, it was end of afternoon and the sun was setting down. So nice ! hmm difficult to tell which one was my favourite! Kornati islands are really unique ! but we had great food in Mljet, and it was not that busy…


  2. I adore the beaches of Croatia! If you don’t like public beaches, you can walk 2-3 bays and have your own little beach without the crowds 🙂
    I was lucky enough to spend a whole week on Hvar, and we had a small apartment house in a secluded bay near Sucuraj, all for ourselves! I’ll be returning for the third time in 4 years, and this year it looks like Krk island will be the chosen one! 🙂
    Lovely post and love your blog!


    • Even on Hvar, which is very popular, you can find a bach just for yourself. That’s nice to hear 🙂
      Krk is beautiful, we’re sure you will love it. If you need any advice on what to see or which town to stay in, let us know, we’d be happy to help.
      Have fun 🙂


      • I don’t know when do you plan to visit. Krk gets pretty crowded in the summer (especially july and august). Between may and septmeber there are still quite a lot of people on weekends.

        Baska has a great long pebbled beach. It’s a nice small town with lots of restaurants and bars.
        Maybe you can check out the Krk town – the biggest town on the island. It’s very nice, but it doesn’t have beach big enough for all the people that visit it. It gets very crowded in the summer.
        We love Vrbnik – it’s a small village on the hill, but it still has it’s own beach (you can reach it easily via stairs). It has narrow streets ad lanes with small shops and some really good restaurants. There’s a great beach just before Vrbnik, easily accessible by car, which never gets crowded (if you plan to visit it and need directions, let us know).
        If you like less crowded places, head to Šilo or Klimno. They’re both very small and there are less people.


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