Cruising through the shades of blue: Milos

When we’ve first learned about Milos, we’ve saw pictures with white rocks and cliffs surrounded with crystal blue water. Maruša (our travel researcher) immediately checked that out and learned that those are taken in Kleftiko. It’s an area with white rocks of different shapes and sizes. She learned another thing: the area can be reached only from the sea. It was than when we decided that we’ll go on a boat trip around the island.

There are many different operators to choose from. They all have similar routes (which visit all the main sites), but some go all around the island, while others go only half way round and drop you off on Paleochori beach and drive you back by bus. Some operators don’t sail out, if the winds are too strong. Almost all offer free lunch. In general you get, what you pay for.

We decided on a boat that went from Adamas to the other side of the island and than return by bus.

2Even though the winds were quite strong we were off around 10am. Our first stop was a small beach, surrounded by high white cliffs. Inside the cliffs there was a small cave, which you can swim into. The water had a green hue, which we never saw before. It was calling us to jump into, and we responded quickly.

4DSCN1696-2DSCN1688-5DSCN1654-2Next stop was the famous Kleftiko. If you Google Kleftiko and check photos, famous Greek recipe for Klfetiko lamb will appear. To see what we are talking about, try your luck with Kleftiko bay.

Kleftiko bay is a rock formation on the South West part of Milos. Volcanic origin created a combination of cliffs, rocks and caves. Rocks are made out of limestone which gives them famous white colour. Limestone is very fragile and it crumbles into the sea. This makes crystal clear water look even more beautiful. Besides nowadays tourism, Kleftiko bay was already very popular in history. It was a very popular hiding place for pirates and because of that, nickname ”pirate bay” is quite correct. The fact doesn’t surprise because Klefitko bay has a lot of small caves that could easily store a treasure. I have to say, that pirates had quite a taste. I can imagine myself relaxing on a ship, drinking rum with a parrot on my shoulder, waiting for some rich man ship to pass by.

3DSC_0129-5DSC_0158-4DSC_0166-3The water comes in all shades of blue and is clear as looking through the mask.

Our sailing boat also brought small boats. They came in handy at visiting caves in Kleftiko. Caves are really surprising, in some we had to duck our heads to prevent from crushing into the cave’s wall. We had fun splashing around the caves, but unfortunately all pirate treasure was already gone.


DSCN1819-2All the time we were sailing by majestic caves and rock formations.

DSC_0114-3DSC_0116-2DSC_0189-3DSC_0225-2After lunch in beautiful surrounding we continued our trip. South side of the island has quite a few lovely beaches and caves. On our way to our final destination we made another stop at Tsigrado beach. The beach is carved in the stone and is, besides with the boat, accessible only by ladder through narrow passage from parking above. Although there isn’t much sun on this beach in the afternoon, it is worth visiting. On the left side of the beach there are some caves, into which you can swim.

DSCN1839-3Before we said our goodbyes we stopped for the last time to do some super fun rope towing silliness.

DSC_0231Our final destination was Paleochori beach. This is one of the most organized beaches on the south side of the island. Our boat stopped there and small boats brought us ashore. The company also organized bus back to Adamas where our trip ended.

So, what would be our conclusion? Such boat trip is a good chance to see south side of the island. You can’t get a better chance to visit Kleftiko. You have a good chance to meet some new people (even though our boat had only some Greeks, who mostly kept to themselves) and an entertaining skipper (who we luckily had with us).

Final verdict? Definitely recommended!

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