Sunshine Coast – the sunniest Australia

The Sunshine Coast is the area in South Queensland, just North of Brisbane. The name says it all: there are sunny days and warm weather through all of the year. It actually has an average 300 sunny days per year and more than 100km of beaches, so it really lives up to its name.

Pelican capital of the World

Another day, another great place. The next not-to-miss spot was The Entrance. On our way up the East coast, this was the first spot after Blue Mountains. Although we later learned, that this is a very beautiful place, there was just one reason, why we decided to stop there.

You can’t feel blue in the Blue Mountains

When we first googled the pictures of Blue Mountains, we immediately decided that we have to visit the region on our East coast Australia trip. It happens quite a lot that pictures on the internet look much more appealing than personal experience, but this wasn’t the case with Blue Mountains.

It’s beach time!

Guess you were wondering, if we forgot the famous Bondi beach in our Sydney posts. 🙂 Well we didn’t. It’s so good that it deserves a whole post!

Why 3 days in Sydney just isn’t enough

Getting to Sydney was by far the longest plane ride ever (altogether, with waiting at the airports, it took us 35 hours). It was a good feeling to be standing on a solid ground again (almost felt like kissing the ground, but we would probably get some strange looks). Since Australia is for us a…