Cruising through the shades of blue: Milos

When we’ve first learned about Milos, we’ve saw pictures with white rocks and cliffs surrounded with crystal blue water. Maruša (our travel researcher) immediately checked that out and learned that those are taken in Kleftiko. It’s an area with white rocks of different shapes and sizes. She learned another thing: the area can be reached…

Back to Greece: Milos

So, we decided to start writing again on this neglected blog. It’s not that we wanted to stop writing in the first place. The problem is that we’re not left with much time after returning from our jobs. And unfortunately the posts don’t write themselves. Even though we don’t have problems writing in English, it’s…

Are Santorini’s sunsets really that good?

If you read our post about Santorini, you’ve probably thought, how we could forget the most famous attraction on the island. We didn’t forget it. It’s so major thing there, that it deserves a whole post. We’ve read that sunset seen from Oia is supposed to be the best sunset in whole Greece (if not…

The one and only: Santorini

…and we are back. Apologizes to all followers for our absence, but we were busy with our work and making traveling plans for 2015. If you’ve browsed through travel brochures featuring Greece, you’ve surely seen photos of Santorini. Even if you google Greece, first thing you see is the scenery from Santorini’s caldera.

First stop: Paros

After a short boat ride we were on Paros. Ferry stops in main town Parikia, where we had booked an accommodation. It was the first town that had the opportunity to impress us. It did a great job! 🙂