As you probably guessed, there are two of us (that’s why we need 2 tickets). 🙂

Gašper (writing) and Maruša (photographing) from Slovenia. Small, but beautiful country on the sunny side of Alps (we will try to share some of it on this blog).
We have steady jobs, which we really like, no kids and are in our best years (around 30). With steady jobs we are not able to travel year round, but we think that we still manage to pack our bags quite often. We try to combine our vacations and traveling with national holidays to get as many free days to travel as we can (unfortunately holidays usually mean higher prices). Until now we were able to see many places this way.


Our travel blog is a bit different. We have done quite a lot of traveling before starting a blog. We are not all-year round travelers (wish we could be), but we travel quite frequently. Probably some of you will ask: why didn’t you blog before?

Yeah really, why now?

We have never seen our travels as something that we would share. Our opinion is that traveling is for the people traveling. But for every trip, we do a lot of research (well, Maruša does, I am more like a tourist) of what to see and what to do. We don’t check just travel guides, but we do a lot of research on web, also we read a lot of blogs. Getting ideas from other blogs and not sharing yours sound a bit selfish, I know. So here is your answer to why now:

  1. We would like to share our trips with our friends (so dear friends, no need for “How was it?” questions, here you will find your answers). 🙂
  2. We would mostly like to give something back to community. Our trips were kind of special, where we saw some things that guides are not mentioning it. Now we are sharing them, so that others can see and visit.

We hope that you will like our blog. We would be very glad if you comment and correct our mistakes, so that we can share correct and accurate information to others.

80 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow – if we didn’t know better, reading your intro, we would’ve thought you were writing about us 🙂
    Glad to have stumbled across your blog! Look forward to your future travels! Off to explore more of your blog now!!


    • Hey!
      Thanks, We are glad, that you like our blog. As you see, we are currently writing about our latest trip to Indonesia, older trip will follow. We hoe that you find some useful information and if you have any comments, welcome to share.
      See ya!


  2. Hi guys. I’ve just found this blog after you liked one of my posts about Palawan. I’ve been interested in going to Slovenia for a long time, so would love to see some pictures or articles about your homeland, if you do publish them!


    • Hi! We plan on writing about Slovenia as well, of course. It’s a beautiful country, so if you get a chance, it’s a great travel destination. In a past few years it’s quite popular with travelers, so we’ll definitey dedicate our time and posts to it 🙂


  3. keep on travelling and you will continue to find “Wonderlands”. Hi just popping on over having seen that you decided to follow my very own blog, to which I am very pleased to be able to welcome you aboard. Feel free to get in contact, make suggestion / recommendations etc. Now if you will excuse me I have to take a tour of your blog, MM 🍀


  4. like they say, its better late than never! can relate to this as me n my husb also have regular jobs but try and travel when time+money permits! good luck with blogging 🙂 ps: croatia & slovenia is on my list, some day someday…!


  5. Happy to see your blog. Me and my husband also love travelling and escape to some place close or far every chance we get. Travelling is healing isn’t it 🙂

    Happy to follow you on your journeys.



  6. Guys, your blog is stunning! Marusa, I absolutely love your pictures. I got a Croatia trip down to Albania for my birthday a few days ago, hubbie’s leave was cancelled though 😦 so we ended up not going (bummer!) The photos on here make me want to go so bad!


    • Thanks, we are really flattered. Maruša turned a touristic photography into passion, so she is really working hard for good pictures. I agree, that they are really good.
      To bad, that you didn’t manage to see Croatia, it is really worth visiting. Hope that you manage to see it some day and that our blog will help you get some ideas (we plan to add some more posts about Croatia and Slovenia trips, that we made).


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You two sound like a great couple – the kind I’d like to meet on my travels. I am travelling to Slovenia in a few weeks, what are the must see places? I was thinking of stopping by Lake Bled and the Capital?


    • How much time are you planning to stay in Slovenia? Ljubljana and lake Bled are definitely worth visiting. Maybe consider stopping at Lake Bohinj (only 15 minutes driving away from Bled) as well. It’s more tranquil than Bled. The water is clearer and better for swimming. Vintgar Gorge besides Bled is also beautiful. You can check the photos on their site: http://www.vintgar.si/gorge.html

      If you have time, Postojna cave is also a must (http://www.postojnska-jama.eu/en/?setLocale=en_US). It’s number one attraction in Slovenia. Maybe you’d like to go to the sea side as well. Piran is picturesque little town, where you can get lost between the narrow streets and lanes.

      We hope this helps. If you have any more questions, we’d be happy to help.
      Have fun 🙂


  8. Hi Gasper and Marusa,
    I loved your about me section and I can very much relate to your travel experiences. I have been travelling for years and never really thought about blogging until I met someone who did and I am hooked already! I also hold down a full time job and travel in between like yourselves. I’m looking forward to following your blog and I hope to visit Slovenia sometime soon as it looks amazing in photos.
    Happy and safe travels,


    • Sounds like we missed something good in Australia, that you could share. 🙂 We were so exited on our trip that we might return someday… 🙂
      I think that we should all share the love to travel, see other people, cultures… I believe it is making you more open-minded.
      Wish you a lot of exciting travels in the future. 🙂


  9. Amazing blog! You guys have visited so many great places! Can’t wait to read more, and get more ideas and inspiration on where to travel next…


  10. Loves all the photos here …….
    You guys have amazing photography skill. And the blog is entertaining and fun too!!.
    Best of luck for the many more amazing adventure ~~`


  11. Lovely blog, Gašper and Maruša! We visited Slovenia last year and absolutely loved it! Such a beautiful, easy to hitchhike and friendly country!!! Thanks a lot for following us on Twitter! Travel safe and keep up your great work!!


  12. Thanks for visiting our blog and liking my post on Lake Bled! We really need to come back and experience Slovenia properly, not just 2 days in Bled. From what we saw, we really liked, hope to be back! In the meantime, enjoying reading your travel posts 🙂 Great blog!


  13. Hi, I wrote to you a week ago regarding the photograph permission to the email you posted. I still have no answer from you. Please check your email, maybe I went to the spam folder? We’re pressed with time, let me know. Thanks.


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